You Get What You Give

By: Raymond Chua

This “law” applies only at the general level, not a specific level. Let me give you an example.

When you spend money, you don’t get money, do you? Instead, you get valuable goods or service or both from others.

Does this mean that you don’t get what you give? NO!

Let’s look at a more general level. You give something valuable (money) and you get back something valuable (goods/service)

Make sense?

I used to ask why this law doesn’t applicable in the specific level and when I got the answer (from the universe), I was stunned. I am grateful that it operates that way..

Imagine this scene:

You give a beggar some old clothes and he/she gives you back the same old clothes. (what’s the point?)

You teach a kid algebra and in return, the kid teach you algebra (which you already understand)

You pay a shopkeeper $5 and he gives you back your $5. (What on earth is going on?)

What’s this? A Law of Decline? This world would be in the mess if the law operates that way. After all you don’t get apple seeds when you plant the seed, do you?

I’m so grateful that the law is set to operate at a more general level. Which means you don’t get EXACTLY the same thing from the same person you to whom you gave but you still get what you give (generally)

Here’s how it works   (just some examples).

You give a beggar some old clothes and in return, you may get something else like a bank loan when you are facing some cash flow problem. (specific)

Translation: You give what people need. People give back what you need.  (general)

If you teach a kid algebra with all your heart, in return, you may find someone teaching you about business, investment, cooking, fishing … whatever you are attracting with all their heart. (specific)

Translation: You give others lessons; you’ll get lessons in return. If you teach people with all your heart and hold nothing back,you’ll receive the same and vice versa. (general)

You pay a shopkeeper $5 and you get some groceries in return. (specific)

Translation: You give what people want, people will give you what you want.

Get the idea?

A person who never fights before can get beaten by others too. Why is that?

Well, maybe this person hurt someone before, maybe not physically but emotionally such as hurt someone with the words he spoke (whether intentionally or unintentionally).

When you hurt others (in any way) you get hurt by others. Maybe not in the same way, but you’ll definitely get it back!

Open your mind, see it in a wider vision and you’ll get it.

Ever since I started this blog to share my knowledge, I met and still meeting lots of great mentors who shares their knowledge openly like I do here on this blog.

I learn not only about the Law of Attraction but also business, finances, investments, socializing, sports, music and many others too.

This is the Law of Attraction, the Law of Cause and Effect, Karma (whatever terms you comfortable with. It carries the same meaning in this instance)

Another important thing is it doesn’t happen instantly. There’s atime interval between give and take.

Let’s say you plant an apple seed today (give). You can’t eat the apple from the tree today. It takes time for the very first shoot and root to sprout out, grow from small plant into a tree and bear its fruits. Then only you can enjoy the fruits (take).

So don’t expect something good to come to you instantly when you give something good today. It takes time. I still get the reflection of what I did a decade ago (both good and bad things)

I hope my explanation above is sufficient to eliminate your objections towards my “Mirror Theory”.


Tangan yang memberi lebih  baik daripada tangan yang menerima.  Tiada sedikit kerugian jika kita jadi pemberi, malah saham akan berganda-ganda  di akhirat.    Demikian juga jika kita dapat menyelesaikan masalah atau keperluan seseorang yang bebar-benar memerlukan, pasti Tuhan akan  memberikan kehidupan yang berkat, bahagia dan tenang kepada kita.Teori-teori yang disebut di sini  adalah fitrah.

Nabi S.A.W bersabda:

“Sesungguhnya Allah suka orang yang membantu orang dalam kesedihan.”

“Sesiapa melepaskan dari orang mukmin satu dari kesusahan- kesusahan dunia maka Allah melepaskannya satu dari kesusahan- kesusahan di Hari Akhirat.”


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