Kecurian di ATM

Alhamdulillah  minta dilindungi Alllah  daripada kejahatan orang-orang yang jahat.  Bila kita ingat Allah, insya Allah  kita akan dipelihara daripada kejahatan.  Namun, jangan dedahkan diri kepada sebarang  peluang  untuk orang-orang yang jahat  melakukan  kejahatan kepada kita.  Cerita di bawah mungkin boleh menjadi pengajaran buat semua, dihantar oleh seseorang melalui email kepada saya.

 Menurut Global ATM Security Alliance (2005 ATM Crime Statistics),   kecurian di ATM adalah tiga kali lebih banyak berlaku  antara  jam 6 petang   hingga 9 malam.

 One day after work, a colleague’s brother was withdrawing his money from   the ATM machine.  After withdrawing the money, he immediately put the  money in his wallet and put the wallet at the back of his pocket. He   drove straight home.

 When he reached home, he suddenly realized that his wallet was gone, and   it suddenly hit him that he might been robbed at the ATM. He recalled  there was a group of foreigners beside him while he was finishing his   ATM transaction.  However, he was not aware at which point in time the  wallet was missing/snatched.

  He made a report at police station and had to redo his ID, driving  license, and ATM/credit cards.

  Root Cause / Contributing Factors:

  •   He was alone at the ATM machine when taking large amount of money and   it was late a night.
  •   He put all his money, IDs and cards in the same wallet.

  What we should do to prevent similar occurrences:

  •   Do SPSA (Safe Performance Self Assessment)  before going to the ATM.   (Assess – Analyze – Act)
  •   Be aware and alert before stepping into the ATM vicinity.
  •   Do you your ATM transactions in the daylight, or
  •   Have someone accompany you when withdrawing money at night.
  •   Keep a safe distance from other people when withdrawing the  money.
  •  Avoid putting all of your money, personal IDs and cards into one  wallet or purse.

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